Commissioning an Oil Painting from Jadae Mayes

Interested in becoming an art collector? Looking to purchase a unique custom painting just for you, your family or a significant other? Place your inquiry now with JM Portraits!

Commission requests are open 



Commission paintings will begin in the order in which they are received and by payment type. There is requirement of a paid invoice in order for the project to be started. Payment in full takes priority, and deposits (half now and half when finished) takes second priority. This is to keep everything organized and a steady flow on commission completion.

If you are informed of a waiting list, your work will start on or around the estimated date that you’re given.


The canvas size choice options are:

24'x36' inches
36'x48' inches
48'x60' inches
60'x72' inches


Paintings will take a minimum of 1-4 months to complete depending on the desired size. This is an investment for you as the client and cannot/should not be rushed. I value each and every piece I create and strive for the highest quality I can deliver.

Rushing a painting increases mistakes and is a craft that requires the time needed to provide the best work.

A painting will not ship until all layers are dry and the painting is varnished. This protects your painting from damage during transport. Please be mindful that oil paintings can take weeks to dry and are times where outside conditions cause oil paint to dry even slower.

Emails about important updates are sent to my commission clients to keep them informed.


Clients have the option to pay in full (100%) or deposits (50% now and 50% when painting is finished). All payments are non-refundable once the painting is started. The price of a commissioned painting starts at $1,250. 

An invoice will be sent via email for every payment.


All portraits include free FULLY INSURED shipping. A commission contract agreement will be due upon acceptance.

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Copyrights & Reproduction:

Copyrights & rights to reproduce belong solely to JM Portraits when work is created in it's originality by Jadae Mayes. 

To purchase the copyrights and rights to reproduce of the original work please contact Subject: Purchase Copyrights

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to fill out the contact form down below